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    UO Excelsior Shard
    Mondain's Legacy
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Since 2006, friendly players & great staff with professional approach. Balanced economy and drop rates. On a dedicated server with strong bandwidth. Tons of custom scripts, monsters and items. Frequent staff and player ran events. Browser interface for chatting, which you can access even at work. Welcome to your new home!​ 2593 RunUO
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    Custom (Classic)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    The Ultimate Old School Server!
    1. Craft...YES...CRAFT Power Scrolls or do Champ Spawns.
    2. Poison arrows with your poisoner.
    3. Bounty Hunters get a reward every time you kill a red.
    4.Felucca is dedicated to RP. Horse Mounts only.
    5.New Faction system with RP involved.
    6.New "Game of Thrones", take and keep the castle for a daily reward. Much more! A continuous battle to defend your castle and keep the throne!
    7.Trammel is set to Felucca Rules, so traveler beware!
    8.In Trammel alone there are 18 regular dungeons plus many other dungeons added.
    9.A Valorite coin reward system which the Felucca RP is part of.
    10.Lots of Bosses added, all mounts including the newest ones.
    11.Many games, with CTF automated. SIMPLE....FUN....UO:R....NOTHING FANCY....NO UBER STUFF! CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE! 2593 RunUO
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    UO Vice & Virtue
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Come one...
    Come all...
    Step inside the UO world of Vice & Virtue.
    This is a custom shard with an old school playing style that has the added features of all the expansions running thru High Seas.
    There is much to do, in ways of champs and quests and for those that enjoy PVM the dungeons are open and the hoards await.
    For those that prefer a little PVP action, killers and thieves await those brave enough to enter the gates leading to Felucca.
    For those that dream of a life outside of the warrior class, there is still much to achieve for the creative mind.
    From the blacksmith's forge to the baker's ovens. From the tinker's workshop to the tailor's loom.
    Those trained in a trade skill shall never go hungry and the miners and lumberjacks will remain busy as bees gathering the custom resources.
    There is also much to see as many of the Cities have been reconstructed to coincide with the storyline.
    All in all this shard was designed by UO veterans that simply love the game.
    Okay maybe some of us are a little obsessed, considering we've been playing this game since the days of old or what some call the 90's.
    So we created something that we wanted to play.
    A world where everyone can advance and prosper thru hard work.
    While we do reward donations, this is by no means a pay to play shard.
    We want people to have fun and every member of the community can achieve both fame and fortune if they're willing to grind for it.

    For inquiring minds we do have a Skillcap of 700 and a Statcap of 300.
    One account per IP and up to three houses per account, the two extra houses come thru vet rewards or you can rent a place if you're not ready for a forever home.
    We offer Imbuing and Mysticism and a variety of Combat Magery books and oh so much much more.

    So please join us on this first step of our journey.
    And no matter what path you may take.
    No matter what hardships that may befall you.
    No matter what enemies that may grieve you.
    Above all else, please, try to always remember to have fun. 2593 ServUO
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    Pangaea World
    Custom (Classic)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Welcome to Pangaea, traveler. Pangaea was established and been online since 2001.
    • Roleplay, PvP allowed, Active staff, and a Dedicated Playerbase with a rich history!
    • A friendly and helpful environment from both players and the staff.
    • Well working counselor system, to handle all game related questions.
    • PvM features challenging and rewarding content for even the most experienced uo player.
    • An unique class-system with all the diversity you would want.
    • A well balanced monster system, both loot and AI wise, with AI unseen elsewhere.
    • A set of alternative unique magics for Barding, Necromancy, Druidry, Priests & more.
    • Custom ores, hides, woods and other materials, with custom crafting.
    • PVP features special focus on pvp between religions, with dedicated content.
    • Large number of small details, giving you many new experiences you won't find anywhere else.
    • Active development and updates.
    The Shard is online,
    Ask about how to join on Pangaea's discord. 5003 POL
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    White Tiger
    Stygian Abyss
    Description Host Port Emulator
    We have PVM & PVP in Felucca.There are 2 accounts per IP & 2 houses per account. We do family accounts as well. There are No Skill Caps & the Stat Cap is 450. Evo Pets KP's & 16 EP's, Evo Armor & Weapons For Humans/Gargoyles, Bio Pets & Rainbow Mounts, Power, Crafting & Skill Scrolls up to 150. With tons of Mobs, Tons of Tamables, Special Quests, and tons of custom deco; we have something for everyone. Log 2593 ServUO
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    Akara Essex
    Custom (Modern)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    • Online Since 2003 - One of the Oldest Continually Running Shards.
    • Best Unique Leveling System
    • Custom Map
    • Servuo With Highly Customized Core!!
    • Evo Dragons
    • SA Era With Great Customizations to Gameplay
    • Custom Ores/Woods/Leathers
    • Runic Hammers/Fletcher Tools/Tinker Tools
    • Sphynx/AirElemental/Cow/Skeletal Dragon Mounts
    • Levelable Armor/Jewelry/Weapons
    • Our Own Unique Cropfields and Farmable Spawns
    • OSI and Custom Quests
    • Runespells
    • Friendly Educated and Mature Staff
    • Too Much to List Everything Here. Come login and see what it's all about. Auto Account Creation 2593 ServUO
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    Dark Forest
    Custom (Classic)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    This is a custom shard with a little something for everyone.
    We are a deeply customized free shard. We don't just plug in
    premade systems, we make our own. PVP & PVM/PVE as well a
    custom crafting system made from scratch coming soon. 2
    accts/IP, 3 houses per acct, all houses are ageless.
    450 stat cap, 250 individual cap. We accept All types of
    players in the Dark Forest. So come take a walk in the Dark
    & see what lurks. 2593 ServUO
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    UO Everlast
    Mondain's Legacy
    Description Host Port Emulator
    ML expansion,1 account per IP,225/700,first character rapid start during the first month.
    Rich PVP with automated events like ctf,ffa,1v1 and 2v2 tournament,faction wars,color wars,and more.
    Rich pvm,special mounts with bonus for riders,no pay to win shop,never.
    Enjoy our community discord channel: 2593 ServUO
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    UO Evolution - Ultima Online Free Shard
    Description Host Port Emulator
    [AOS/ML/SE/SA] USA shard with the most custom content anywhere! Online over 10 years! Over 750+ players Online! No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, Bioengineering, Evo Dragons, Mature & Experienced Staff, Friendly Community 2593 RunUO
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    Immortal Realms
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Recent Time Of Legends Expansion with tons of custom content. Evos, Mercenary's, Squires. PVP in Felucca. PVM friendly. Tamer friendly .Crafter friendly. No skills cap all can reach 150 Via Power Scrolls further with skill bonuses, Stats Cap At 900 Raw, 1000 each with Bonuses. Skills And Stats Gain Quick. Level requirements to various levels once 500 then you can wear all items. 2593 ServUO
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    Medieval Legends
    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Medieval Legends is open and looking for players! This is a PvPvE shard that's brand new! We pride ourselves in bringing old school and new elements together.
    Some of our features include:
    - Custom champ spawns
    - A rewarding and challenging achievement system with item rewards
    - Dozens of custom quests
    - Custom mobs
    - Custom pets
    - Unique events and event systems
    - Town invasions
    - Active staff
    - Active, helpful Discord server
    - And so much more!

    - 1 account per IP
    - One house per IP, up to two after a quest
    - 1200 skill cap, 350 stat cap
    - Bank bells, player travel books, and more as quest rewards.
    - Several new player quests

    Join us here: 2593 ServUO
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    Dragons of Time - Athlore
    The Second Age
    Description Host Port Emulator
    1998 to 2002 UO! The Best Free Authentic Old School Classic Sphere Ultima Online Server ever created! Since 1999 Where OLD school, its the ONLY school...FREE FULL STATS! SO NO MACROING NEEDED! RELIVE THE MEMORIES! Oldest Free Server in the World! 20+ YEARS ONLINE... JUST LOG ON AND PLAY!
    REAL 0.51a !!! 7777 Sphere
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    UO Heritage
    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Up to date with modern UO. All expansions with a balanced economy. All stat and skill caps equal current UO stat and skill caps.

    We support ClassicUO, Orion, the EC, and original client.

    Online for over 5 years.

    Join our UO community today! 2593 ServUO
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    Paragon UO
    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Patch Custom Summons at higher skill levels, custom unique bosses, dungeons, items, and tames. Opt-in/out PvP on all facets. 1200 skill cap, tame paragons, summon paragons, PvP Tournament system, custom Summoner and Healer AIs for certain pets, achievement system, new player paragon system, NO PAY TO WIN, earn Sovereigns by playing the game no need to donate! 2594 ServUO
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    Retro Game UO
    Age of Shadows
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Retro Game UO takes you back to the Age of Shadows era. Automatic events that you will enjoy, different individual events, automatic Pvp tournaments, level system for our PVM Seven players, events with real money prizes and more! Dedicated Server serves you. You can choose us for Global Server 2593 RunUO
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    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    The nostalgia of Ultima Online with the quality of life enhancements of modern day UO.
    We are an era accurate server of the most modern OSI servers, with our own customizations to enhance gameplay and the PvE experience.

    Join here:

    The goal, a full bodied adventure for all players that lasts, with endless content! We want you to feel like the "End game" is limitless; this has allowed us to do just that! Best of all... It is free to play!

    The ONLY modern PvE UO server (with consensual pvp)
    Tired of being ganked while mining after a relaxing day? With consensual PvP only, you will be able to decide when and if you want to engage in pvp.

    Our focus at UOAlive is PvE and RP centric so you will have an expansive world to explore for months, with player and GM run events to fill the gaps!

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    Mondain's Legacy
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Demise began its life in September '04 and, as part of the UOGamers family, quickly grew to a popular shard. Formerly the flagship development shard of the RunUO Software Team, last released publicly in 2013, it has since undergone a paradigm shift exceeding all expectations as a standalone shard.

    Over the years, Demise has built one of the strongest, most supportive gameplay communities, alongside an unparalleled level of reliability and uptime. With so much love and fondness for Demise, from both players and the staff team, the future looks bright!

    Demise strives to retain the core gameplay of a Mondain's Legacy era shard, with a few added extras. Come and explore the endless possibilities, from dungeon Doom to crafting to PvP to Peerless and much more! Join our community to keep up with the latest news, make new friends and you will no doubt feel right at home. With an established staff team and year-round events, entertainment is guaranteed! 2593 RunUO
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    UO Serpent Isle
    Description Host Port Emulator
    UO Serpent Isle is a custom-built world based on the original 1993 Ultima 7 expansion pack. We run a customized client with art and sound from the original game and a hybrid ruleset based on Renaissance, with a leveling system and some quality-of-life features from later ages. This server is being built with a focus on PvE adventure as you trace the steps of the '93 game. The world map is complete as far north as the Swamp of Gorlab and is in active development. Come join us on the shard where Ultima 7 lives on... 2593 ServUO
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    UO Desolation
    Age of Shadows
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Multiple Freeshards (Desolation - AOS - Seasonally Resetting PvP Focused), (Renaissance), and (Mondain's Legacy)

    A thrilling PvP centric, seasonal resetting, felucca only Age of Shadows freeshard. Desolation has been finely crafted the provide the most ideal and balanced PvP mechanics as well as a host of custom content to keep you engaged for each season! Earn rewards that persist throughout all seasons, continually improve your housing size and deco, and level up your Guild overtime for powerful PvM oriented buffs!
    No luck, no months worth of item grinding, just quick, to the point AOS PvP fun!! 2593 RunUO
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    UO Evermore
    Custom (Classic)
    Description Host Port Emulator

    We took our decades of UO experience to conceive a refreshing and very custom server. Evermore is set in an era between Renaissance and Age of Shadows. The PVP is fast paced, the PVM is diversified, we hope you come play and relive the classic in a brand new world!​ 2593 ServUO

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